Three bridges across the Mississippi..the Harahan, the Frisco, and the I-55

Three bridges across the Mississippi River…the Harahan bridge, the Frisco, and the I-55

A visit to a hand forged knife makers shop

I recently had the opportunity to visit the workshop of hand forged knife maker, Bill Wiggins, in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  His shop is located in a beautiful cove.  This knife was forged from a bar of 1084 carbon steel.  Bill is an active member of the American Bladesmith Society.  You can find more information about ABS at …

After Bill has hammered and rough forged the knife, he begins to grind and shape the knife.


This photo shows the knife after some grinding and shapingfor-blog4-2

Here Bill is grinding the scales (handles). Desert Ironwood was used for the handles.for-blog4-3

This is the knife maker Bill Wiggins and a very happy recipient of her new knife.for-blog4-4namesize